Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Weirdish dreams last night. Shopping at a store that had a school for disabled children next door, so we had to be quiet after they went to bed.

There was a house, and some of it had carpet or was filled with water. After the carpet was lifted and the water went away, there were gross white worms, like fat cooked Ramen only wriggling. I had to get my sandals.

This house was evidently the house of Queenie's parents. Queenie showed up, and was so happy to see me! She was wearing a necklace with a tiny little star. She hugged me. It felt like her.

We kids put on a play. Queenie was there, and my classmate from elementary school N's little sister H, and M the popular chick from swallowtayle's year... the redhead, with all the boyfriends. We were doing The Mikado, but I didn't know my lines. I didn't even have a cheatsheet. This was a one-night play at home, so I ought to have at least had that...

Another dream.

I was hugging Rana. He was my Tertiary, a while back; we'd gotten involved physically, but not emotionally more than friends. I bit him on the shoulder. He gasped, and I could feel him against me through his pajama pants. He excused himself and ran for his girlfriend, so that she could reap the benefits of my hug and bite. I was amused.

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