Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Peace, Quiet

Assorted small things were picked up. Books were read. Cats were petted. A pillow was put on the second tier of my bedside shelfy-thing, and today I installed a little bit of a privacy curtain and some beads, as well as sprinkling catnip up there.

I hope the cat will like it.

Dishes, naturally.

Now working on Angel With The Sword again. Of all my Cherryh, I never got into that one so much. Trying it again. It feels better this time, not so much in the car and headachey from bright snow.

Hot cheesy soup with Tabasco. Mmm. I use five shakes in a bowl of soup this size. I think I may be using more of it than FatherSir -- or maybe not.

Did some cleaning up in my room before the vacuum cleaner went down. And boy, did it ever. I got the living room done too, and dishes, yay. Now the vacuum cleaner and Marxdarx are having words with each other, and none of them are being very polite about it. There is a smell of burning rubber.

Laundry, next.

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