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Today's ummm (definition listing)? is on the phrase "Bitch, please." For the longest time I was under the impression that this was, you know, requesting a bitch, in the same way that you know that calling out "Check, please" is you know calling for a check in the restaurant. So you know, people are typing "Bitch, please" and i'm hearing "Bitch, please..." and imagine this accompanied by the hand of the person raising up in the air waving around trying to summon a waiter. I'd like one bitch not too smart... flaming... yes flaming. definately flaming. So, then I finally realized that most people were using it you know to actually address the bitch. "Bitch, please....I don't know what planet you're on but I know your not on the same planet with me and ummm why don't you just you know stay there and don't mess with me cause you a bitch and not my kind of bitch" and yet others have you know interpreteded it as a request for bitching "Bitch, please. Feel free." So yes...

"Bitch, Please"”

Transcribed by: godai

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