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“I think I told you people about the little nest I set up for my cat. There's this thing by my bed its a wooden structure that used to be part of something or other but I use it as a bed side table. And its got uhh about 3 shelves, one a few feet off the ground, one a few feet higher then that and then one on top. Now the lowest one Ifigure out I keep my alarm clock and some other stuff on, But the next one up I have recently converted into a little hidey spot for my cat. I put a pillow up there, and I recently added a bit of a privicy curtain to make it look smaller and more hidey, and I put some beads up there for Eris to bat at, and I put a pillow up there... and I sprinkled some cat nip there. Shamash has discovered it, and he's.. its a pretty small shelf, so he's practically falling off every 30 seconds. He's licking his feet right now, to get all the cat nippy goodness off of them. He's been licking the pillow case. He's been kneading the pillow case with his paws. He's been chewing on the beads. He's been kicking himself in the ear in his despiration to get every single little bit of catnip there is. Eris likes catnip but she doesn't got completely nuts over it. Shamash is a classic cat stoner, he's looking at me now as if to say, "Are you talking about me or something, man? Dude don't talk so fast I can't track you. Hey! Shiny thinggggggg." Shamash is fun to mess with. I am going to go up to him and see if I can't mess with him so. Ok. Here's the cat. I am walking over to the cat. I'm poking my finger at the cat. The cat is sniffing at my finger as I circle his face with my finger, he's not batting at me. He's just kinda blinking and turning away. Usually, he'd be doing something else like sniffing at my finger ear other ear ohhh yearh, he's somewhat enthralled. ..... you... deal with one high on cat nip cat. Talk with you all later.”

Transcribed by: godai

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