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Slightly Conscious

...and been that way for about two hours now. Nephew woke up, was crying, and wound up in bed next to me. The cat came along too. Nephew was awake and bouncy, so breakfast was summoned. I also conjured a pot of hot tea (peppermint, echinacia [yes I know I mangled the spelling], lemon, and honey). We have been slowly meandering around the house. Nephew's been bouncing off walls and occasionally coughing or sneezing. I turned up the heat.

He wanted a bath, so I'm letting him have one -- very warm water, heat up in the house, keeping an ear out for trouble, occasionally adding more warm water as what's in the tub cools off. I closed the blinds so our little household nudist won't be flashing passers-by when he jumps out of the tub and decides to run around naked for half an hour before we can catch him and dress him.

Apparently everyone in the Capulet family goes through the nudist stage, which means we're going to have to start keeping a close watch so Nephew doesn't start undressing in public, which is apparently the next fun thing he'll try if he goes by the stages of development as put out by Votania's family.

If he ever tries it at school, though, we're still going to call it "skyclad".
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