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Parentheses (continued)

This is the sort of sentence that I was writing and parsing at fifteen. Sadly, the electronic versions of most of those exchanges have been lost.

I was especially, of course, thinking of the 7k 5-e-mails-a-day standard, with the nested parentheses (which were especially of use in my chosen career (computer science (after I stopped denying my love of the field))) which became increasingly more easy to decipher after I got the knack of it, which did not take long, as I'd already been exposed to the principle in math classes (although I abhorred those).


Half of my friends list would write about computer science (it being a chosen profession or an avid hobby), including the woman to whom I responded with that long sentence (as she was the one who introduced me to the nested parentheses (although it was her then-boyfriend (they parted company shortly after we met) who made me re-examine computer science as a vocation of choice); she recently got her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

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