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Dream: snogging, teachers, and so much more

sithjawa was really hot in my dream last night. We were at this club, and we were all dressed up in, erm, interesting outfits... and there was mad snogging as well as the sort of hugging that usually winds up being shagging if only the pesky clothes weren't there.

Oh, and ywalme and memnus were around, and I think manifestress too. manifestress was the one who got us into the club that we were in, which was a building of the size you'd normally see offices in, not a club. But it was a club, and there was discussion of whether or not I was cool enough (clothing-wise) to be allowed in. We'd been on a long car trip, and I adjusted this and removed that, and suddenly I was wearing stockings up to my armpits, and something around my midsection that gave me complete modesty while preserving the illusion that I was baring quite a bit more than I actually was. These alterations allowed me to go in, in full compliance with the (un)dress code, where before I would have only been allowed in because I was in company with manifestress.

And then it got weird, what with all the little twisty passages inside the facility, and then a flower contest where not only you had to arrange flowers to suggest the theme "Youth", but then you had to be able to use them to prepare breakfast as well.

And then I was going to find my flowers at Grandma's, only she was almost dead and the house was all boarded up and an elephant was mowing the lawn and if they left dandelions they got in trouble because the caretakers would Google the place every now and then to check up on them. And it was Uncle Davy telling all this as a voiceover. And there were all these raspberry vines as thick as my wrist, on the otherwise bare lawn and over the porch, and Grandma said that I could look something up in the back of one of her books, but she wasn't sure which book. They were thick, and bound like some kind of wierd manual, with tabs with subjects on them, and it was supposed to be in the religion section, because Grandma had gotten this straight from her preferred form of divine insight (whatever that had been I'm not sure), but it wasn't there.

And some of my favorite teachers from school were in the complex. The one with the club that manifestress got us into. Burns, and cRon...

And they were teaching classes, and it turned out that there were a bunch of really narrow stairs and passageways, but done oddly. Imagine a small, narrow, crowded, yet long space. It is very short on one dimension, as it is between the building proper and the outside of the building, but it seems to extend to wrap around the whole building, and it is as tall as the entire building (perhaps 4, 8 stories). The space is divided up with metal railings and stairways (and probably utility pipes as well). Each teacher has their own door and their own stairway passage. There are many teachers, so there are many passages. The passages are narrow enough for a thin human* to pass easily, but a thick human** has some difficulty. Fortunately, it's all partitioned with railings, so it's annoying but not claustrophobic.

I come upon Little Fayoumis and his brother in the mall or shops section. Weird stuff is happening, and I do a Tarot reading in company of other people, and wanking comes up as a subject. And there was some plot device with cutting a soft-boiled egg with something that looked like a french-fry cutter.

And I overheard a conversation about political things, the discipline of slaves. (In context, I knew that this was not the consensual BDSM kind, but something more like house-elves.) One person was saying that it had become legal for people to incarcerate their own slaves on their own property, and that was actually a good thing, because people would be able to incarcerate their own slaves immediately for short (implied: less than a day) periods of time, and no longer would have to resort to calling the police on silly pretenses and bring false charges against the slaves in order to get them locked up (which was bad because it was for longer periods of time) (and was also bad because some of the reasons a slave could be locked up under the old system were pretty bad, and people were falsifying charges in order to lock up the slaves) (it was implied as a standard that the slaves were not brutalized, and the punishments for a slave stopped after "Speak firmly to and maybe take away dessert" and jumped to "Place serious charges against and have locked up for a few days perhaps pending investigation/trial"). This way, owners wouldn't testify falsely against their slaves and would have the legal right to hold a slave in a cell for up to one day, after which point the police would have to get involved.

It was a weird dream, and it felt interconnected as if it took elements from several dream universes, but was actually part of none of them.

Oh, and there were escalators in the place with the flowers (at the school) and I was looking at all the flowers, but did not know which ones were edible, so I could not choose them, which sucked. And that was where cRon was sitting, by the flowers.

I'm really not sure at which point I woke up.

* a thin human, like Darkside
** a thick human, like me

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