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Anime Party

Hung out at easalle's. I went there on the bus. I caught the 6:34 Red Line to the mall, and then since I had just shy of half an hour to wait for the 106, I strode over to Trader Joe's to get some chocolate orange sticks, and still had 12 more minutes to wait when I got back to the bus stop before the 7:10 106 Peoria/Shea arrived. By the time I got there (which required a certain amount of "Um..." because there were an awful lot of buildings; fortunately I found a map of the apartment complex after a little bit of wandering), easalle was in an ever so slight tizzy, because I'd said an hour, and it had been 1:40.

JD was there, of course, and wamphyri, and drgnmstrslash, and machinegirl. Chocolate fondue, giggling over Something Awful's photo manips (Lord of the Rings with cars) and assorted anime bits. The rum-and-coke assisted.

After JD got put to bed, we wound up watching FLCL. There was much hooting and hollering. The cats were all over. Eclipse and Pixie are large with nice heavy fur. The other one, whose name I am spacing, is about Eris-sized, but shorter in length. They're all shaggier than our cats, and they're on top of stuff. It's cute. Cats all over!

Then we came home. Yay, Aqua! I've been practicing my dancing skills.

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