Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Afternoonish things

Went to plasma place. (Was dropped off by Votania. She picked up LF.) Movie: American Wedding. Someday, I will encounter someone who matches my delight in movies like that. Dropped by bank. Was unable to take enough out of AK account to put in AZ account for all the things that I need the money in there for by the end of the month. Much annoyance. Will do again tomorrow. Came home.

After some chill-out time that would have been better if LJ had not gone down (Cartman, specifically) and had my back not felt stuck, we went off to Fry's Electronics, where I found a bread machine. Muahaha! It was the only one left, so SCORE!

Continued on the trip to pick up Marx. Called wiseheron, chatted. Much fun. Got to talk to Red Sandalwood as well; told him that I still don't have a photo of my girlfriend. :-P (I haven't gotten around to getting the photos developed yet. Plus, she's not exactly a camera hog, and I'm usually on the business end of cameras rather than the coming-out-in-photos-afterwards end.) (He wanted us to run into him while I was in California a few months ago, but it never did work out. Old letch.)

Went out to dinner with the family. Went very well for everyone being tired.

Home again now. Making bread. Mmmm, bread.

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