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Bunch of links from 2000 or so and before, and beyond.

Broken links removed, updated links updated. A look at what I considered interesting. = tour guide to the Nexus of Bujold = search the Bible = geeks unite! = geek comics = Sluggy Freelance comic = IOHO fanfic page = DreamHaven bookstore = Tracy Fey's "A Bit of Evolution" = SF wear = mamadeb's notebook = X-Files Timeline = the Sith Academy = home pages of people I've never met (and don't know who are anymore) = new home page of author of stories I don't remember anymore = the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy online = haiku, really interesting = fic and stuff. = Rules for calling shotgun = goth code decoder
[broken link for neonnurse's Buffy humor bit "Tea Party" or something similar] - Sane or Sith? - it was a Dark and Stormy Night... - katherine the Art Chick - bwa-haa-ha (politics) - evil things. - farley - fonts - Stardudes - slash devon's slash Mary Sue drinking game ldymusyc's website - snowgrouse's fic - weird TPM parody Norse tarot
Some unsorted/untested links on Christianity and Wicca

(Warning: this one is weird) - book of the dead

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