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Crisis 5: The Waiting

Votania and I kept lugging water from the downpour to the bathrooms, listening for a knock at the door. "I hope they get here soon," she said, as she staggered under the weight of a 13-gallon trash can full to the brim with mucky rusty water.

"So do I," I said, and shoved another bucket under the uncovered leak.

"The carpet's going to be ruined," Votania observed.

"They have a steam-cleaner."

"They're going to need it. I'm glad this is an apartment -- stuff like this is their responsibility, thank the gods."


"Do you think we should cancel the Yule party? The apartment's going to be thrashed."

I glared at her. "If it doesn't stop the US Postal Service, it's damn sure not going to stop us," I told her.

"Point. ...Are you sure you paged them?"

We waited for a very long time, dragging increasingly heavy buckets of water through inch-deep water in Votania's bathroom to dump them. Finally the phone rang. Votania barely heard it over the pouring water; I was singing "Flood" too loudly to hear it at all.
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