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Crisis 6: Rescue

I gained the presence of mind somewhere in there to turn the climate control to off so if anything worse happened, it might not be so bad.

The guy from maintenance showed up on our doorstep a few minutes later. We welcomed him in, and he swiftly unscrewed the access panel and yanked the shutoff valve.

The outpouring trickled to a halt and stopped, with just a few drip - drip - drips here and there, where not all of the water had poured out of the ventilation system yet.

The chick the guy had brought with him looked around. "Yuck," she said, at the brown water soaking everything.

"No shit," Votania said.

We moved Nephew out of the bedroom and sat him down on the couch, out of harm's way.

"I'll go get the steam-cleaner to suck up the water with," the guy said, and he and the chick left. They returned with a great huge machine. Votania and I tidied the floor as best we could.
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