Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Darkside's true nature, as revealed over IM

There are some times when the truth comes out. Drunk IM is one of those places.
[friend]: I got a piccie for you
[me]: Oh?
[friend]: yah
[friend]: from halloween
[me]: Oooh!
[friend]: [URL of photo of Darkside and me; Darkside is hiding his face from the camera with his arm]
[me]: Awwww.
[me]: He's hiding!
[friend]: yah =(*
[me]: It's so cuuuuute!
[me]: He's so cuuuuuuuute!
[me]: *jgiggle*
[me]: (am drunkish*
[friend]: I seeish
[me]: Heheh.


[me]: Hee. I'm still silly over that photo. He hides so cutely.
[friend]: /heh
[friend]: [URL of photo of cactus]
[me]: Not half as cute.
[me]: But just as huggable.
[friend]: Oo
[me]: Yeah.
[me]: When I say that he's sweet like dried pickled cactus... I mean it.
[friend]: O.o

Just as huggable as a cactus. Now, if only I remember that when I wake up in the morning... wasn't up when I wanted to put this up there, so I actually wound up putting that photo of Darkside and me on Halloween up on my website.

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