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Fellowship of the Smackdown

Darkside and I are going to watch The Movie together in twenty-four hours, twenty-nine minutes.

We made plans: we leave school at some point after class, drop my books off at my house, get lunch, go and see movie. No plans for after the movie.

Darkside's sole concern is that I be able to contain myself with my excitement over the movie, because he doesn't want to have to tie me down and gag me. "And don't think that!" he said, before I could think that, and then when I turned a strange color, he grabbed me by the throat.

Swirl of trenchcoat, and he disappeared into the classroom.

"You won't have any problems with me containing myself," I told him, skittering into his class and kneeling down behind his desk, eye-to-eye with him as he sat waiting for the teacher to finish with the whiteboard. "I don't usually have out-of-body experiences."


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