Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Bus, sausage, and other sophomoric happenings

I wound up heading to Sam's Club for milk by myself on the bus. votania was all for going, but her two root canals and the pain meds were not, so I took the bus. I borrowed the cellphone, so I called Dawn, and then I wound up calling iroshi and/or E. I guessed wrong when iroshi answered the phone (I guessed E) so we had a few moments of bizarre conversation where I was evidently factored as E's unknown friend Jenny. That was amusing. I finally identified myself as "Lunatic", which cleared everything up.

Sadly, Sam's lacked the good milk chocolate chips. Evidently they're seasonal. Bah. Ah well.

I had to call Ro back (Stargate), and so I was waiting for the bus again, to go home, when I called. The bus stop outside of Sam's is dark, and it's not a very popular end of the route, and I was wearing black -- the bus started to zoom past me. Since I had everything together to get on the bus (wearing heavy backpack and purse, carrying water bottle, carrying summer sausage, carrying empty cup, carrying bus card, talking on phone) I waved the summer sausage to flag the bus down. The bus pulled to an embarrassed halt, and I sprinted on. The driver apologized.

I explained to Ro that all that had been that I had needed to wave my sausage at the bus driver. This degenerated into a conversation about the size of my sausage (about 18 inches, and the same girth as a soda can) and how things that size are interesting for external devices, but not so much attached. "Onboard?" "Outboard?" "Outboard motor?" "Get your motor running...!"

Milk, Tabasco sauce, powdered milk, salad dressing, summer sausage. This was not one of those "Seriously, we are a normal household!" shopping trips.

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