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General Happiness

Goldfish crackers.

A house full of people who actually do care, even though they're busy.

Mint chocolate chip brownies with a power boost. (Oooh. Goooey. Mmm. But next time I'll be sure to use peppermint, not spearmint.)

Good music. Good Ol' Shawn is hacking at some music, making a theme for something or other, and I have reaped the benefits (and non-benefits) of hearing the beta. Benefits: it's good. Non-benefits: it's big, cuts off 1:54 into a 3:54 mp3 track and not on a resolved note, and isn't the finished version yet. Also, for Baroque orchestration, it's insufficiently complex, but that's a feature of the age, I think. (This age, vs. Baroque.) My mind itches for a descant, probably violin or flute, but I can't note down what I hear accurately. The theme goes AAAAAABC, repeated; over two cycles, AAAAAABCAAAAAABC; I would have the descant echo dominant notes from bits of it, subtly, to reinforce the structure of it, to have it vary some.

My throat has clogged. Not-good. And I've been making with the sneezies, to the point where the transit cop at the Metro bus stop asked if I was OK yesterday.

Must do laundry. My blacks bin is full.

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