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Nice Afternoon

Did laundry, and happily was able to combine laundry with the timing on other tasks; 1/2 hour in the washer is just long enough for me to shower properly and dry off while reading some friends page. Then I did some other household things (swapping out bags from little wastebins, dishes) and when my laundry was ready to bring in, I was about ready to leave.

Bank was a bust. The bank by Metrocenter closes at 2 pm on Saturdays. !! Waldenbooks didn't have Irresistable Forces in yet (they said the 3rd or the 10th); there were two copies of Paladin of Souls out. Nice lady with clipboard didn't seem to be looking for my demographic group. Hopped a bus to the bank store branch on the corner of Northern. I attained quarters!

Homewards, then, and I finally gave in to the temptation and got the Orange Chicken. Mmm. I am becoming known there.

There may or may not be something going on at easalle's tonight. I will be advised if someone with active wheels is showing, so I can hop a bus. Meanwhile? Household amusements, catching up on e-mail backlogs, reading good classic SF, and some mild cleaning.

I got the pasta pot from last night washed. Lunatic's dishwasher organizational tip: Always wash the big things that take up the most space first, unless there are things more pressingly needed (ie: all out of plates or forks or cups) because there will always be small articles ready to be washed, but the big ones take up more space in the queue and if the washer is partially full of small articles, there may or may not be room for the big one.

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