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In this case, the subject is somewhat misleading.

Setting the scene: one living room, darkened. 11:something pm. One seven-year-old boy, asleep on same couch. One hyper tomcat accustomed to being Pinball Cat, also in living room.


shammash had been Pinball Cat, and bounced down on Little Fayoumis's face, leaving his cheek scratched. marxdarx took charge, and everything was soon more sterilized, and also peaceful. I grabbed the cat and stuck him in my bathroom (catbox, water in toilet (which the cats usually drink from anyway)).

He (the cat) is awaiting a discussion with Mommy about appropriate places and times to be Pinball Cat. Crying and appealing to eris_raven got her to knock over the (empty) trashcan, and he pulled the bags in under the door. I removed the bags, and gave him some kibble to munch.

Mommy is not going to have happy words for him, but I am assured that shammash will understand her.

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