Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

On Janet Jackson's boob

Nice piercing. If only my boobs were small enough to pull that off, I might like something like that. Looks like she doesn't have implants, go her! That is one sweet costume, and looks practical for nursing, if the boob thing goes back on as easily as it came off. (Of course, evidently piercings like that and breastfeeding have been said around me to not mix, so you'd have to choose.)

A lot of parents are going to be answering questions that they probably didn't want to answer regarding piercing. (For the record, if my father had been watching and felt called upon to comment, he would possibly have made some mildly scathing comment, possibly modifying his usual comment on facial piercings (holes in the head) with a comment about the effects of gravity over time.)

That is a really nice bit of jewelry, though, and she shouldn't be ashamed to have shown it off, though the venue was not exactly ideal. When I saw one of the pictures the first time, without commentary, I thought that it might be some interesting new style; the nipple shield looked enough like a pasty that it could have been a one boob covered by dress, one boob covered by something else, style. (I'm reminded of a Heinlein dress from Number of the Beast, I believe?)

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