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Last night I cleaned up the living room. In doing so, I did uncanny things to the chalkboard/whiteboard, and now both sides are accessible. I wrote "LUNATIC LOVES MANIAC" on the chalkboard.

There were, at one point, four hours of sleep.

I woke up early, and did the breakfast thing, and accompanied votania on the "dropping the LF off at school" mission. Little Fayoumis wanted to know what the chalkboard in the living room said. He's starting the "I want to read everything in sight" phase. We will encourage this. Then we went to DeVry, and had smiles over the silly memories associated with the place. Computers and printing and stuff. And then the post office. We got there half an hour early; I wound up waiting in the car.

After that, home. I went off and gave plasma. Saw othercat on the bus; I think we talked about some kind of scary fic, but -- oh. Yes. BtVS. I don't follow the show, so I couldn't write it. Spiderman cameos very very briefly in The Italian Job. Tobey McGuire as a pre-spider Peter Parker has a goofy resemblance to yaksha42. The guy doing the "Hmm... do you have enough red blood cells for us?" thing up front was being cross-trained -- he normally works in the room with the freezer and all. Someone evaluating him or helping train him was hanging over his shoulder, vampiresque. Much silliness there.

When I got home, there was a message waiting for me: the General Manager from the Domino's by DeVry wanted me to call back. I did. I wound up going over there for a brief interview. The Viking's timing could not have been better, for certain definitions of 'better'. Schedule permitting (theirs) I may have job. [Insert track from TMBG BNAF here] The General Manager got the Azzgrin at one point; she took it as a sign of enthusiasm, and not the Scary Thing that it actually is. (I got the "tell me a bit about yourself" on the phone; I did; the phrase "Consistently, persistently cheerful" was used.)

Didn't connect on the phone with Darkside. *sigh* Did leave a message. Or something. Too late to try again now. Oh well.

After I came home, I worked like some variety of lunatic and/or maniac on the pizza project.

Read The Krytos Trap today. Evidently Stackpole is local. Huh. Decent book. I'll have to snorf the rest in the series. I may already have them. DeVry does this thing with library sales. Cheap books that no one wants anymore but the hardcore geeks.

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