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The Fellowship of the Ring (no spoilers)

Darkside and I wound up not having enough time for proper lunch after he finished his computer lab assignment, so we grabbed a snack to eat in line at the movie theatre. It was just the two of us, Jennie being unable to contact her mother, and therefore unable to go with us.

I behaved like a civilized adult for most of the movie, and only occasionally during the three-hour movie did I lean over to whisper comments to Darkside. He shushed me.

I did not grope him, nor did I try to catch his hand, nor anything like that.

Long three hour movie means that decongestants should be taken beforehand. I forgot about this, and had a massive headache after the first hour and a half.

In the end credits, "VFX MANAGER'S ASSISTANT" or some words to that effect, looked oddly like "VEX MANAGER'S ASSISTANT", until I blinked three times and cleared my eyes.

Sadly, there was no disclaimer at the end of the movie stating that no orcs were harmed in the making of the movie. *sigh* I suppose the society for the prevention of cruelty to fantasy creatures ought to be informed.

The line was remarkably short when we got there a good hour before the film was to begin. It lengthened after that. We got in just ahead of an office party that took up a dozen and a half seats by the time all were present and accounted for.

Just as Darkside and I were in the last stages of anticipation of getting ready to see the movie (we had the best seats in the house, the furthest back row), a small group of people came in and demanded that we move. The small group of people was comprised of a middle-aged lady (she doing the demanding), an elderly man, and an elderly lady in a wheelchair. The rationale, which was sound, was that the lady in the wheelchair needed to sit right there, in the space reserved for wheelchair parking, and her companion needed to sit directly next to her, where Darkside was sitting. "Oh no, only one of you has to move," the lady said as we both got up to relocate.

Fortunately, the seat next to me turned out to be only occupied by a handbag, and the lady that it belonged to was gracious enough to move it so that Darkside and I could scootch over a notch.

It's a long movie. To do an accurate rehash of the book, it would have to be at least double the length it is, so the director made some artistic decisions. There were some glaring omissions, but some of the little details that stand out in my memory from the book, some of the ones I was specifically looking for, were included.

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