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Fun on the List: Skippy's List vs. Miles Naismith Vorkosigan

Which of Skippy's List has Miles disobeyed?

65, if clowns = clones; 73, especially on Dagoola; 93, heh, no, it isn't...; 90 belongs to Ivan; 130 is his Weather Officer commander; 151 has to have been violated at some point; 188 is way illegal now; 192 would be very possible if he had some Naismith-information that they didn't

Old amusing tidbit dug up from the List's past by Mark
100 Things Miles Is No Longer Allowed To Do In The
Barrayaran Army

Sun, 3 Nov 2002 Laura Gallagher

The rest of the list is equally funny, but I'd like
your opinions - what would be 'The 100 Things Miles Is
No Longer Allowed To Do In The Barrayaran Army'?

I think he already has problems with #40 on the
SkippyList. And DEFINITELY #62.

Ok, most of what I've come up with is from Vor Game,
some from WA, some from later books. I haven't been
able to come up with 100, but I hope it's a good

1. Cannot swear in Betans
2. May not sell anyone radioactive farmland.
3. Must not aid and abet deserters.
4. May not recruit foreign mercenaries without
Simon Illyan's permission.
5. My proper title is Ensign Vorkosigan, not Mr.
Naismith (or Lt. Vorkosigan, not Admiral Naismith,
depending on the book...)
6. Not allowed to introduce armsmen to their former
rape victims.
7. May not question perfectly ordinary assignment,
no matter how stupid it may be.
8. May not ask my commanding officer to tell me
who's running this bloody zoo.
9. Not allowed to park scat cats in a Permafrost
Inversion Zone.
10. Not allowed to attach bubble shelter to a scat
cat ever again.
11. May not damage equipment, even to create
emergency SOS.
12. Must not convince Ops officers to find new ways
to break foolproof security systems.
13. Cannot join a mutiny, even to prevent a
14. Must never have officers who outrank me stunned
and put in the brig of a mercenary ship.
15. Not allowed to threaten the Emperor with a
plasma cannon.
16. Must not view higher ranking officers as future
17. Must obey orders, even if commanders give me
the wrong orders.
18. Not allowed to destroy careers of any more
loyal officers.
19. Must not keep important secrets from my own
side, especially in enemy territory.
20. Must not save enemy empires without my
superiors' permission.
21. Not allowed to receive major military awards
from the Empire's foremost enemies.
22. Must not skip sending in interim reports.
23. Not allowed to take additional contracts for
one Betan dollar.
24. Must not piss off Jacksonian barons *before*
finding an escape route.
25. Must not rewrite orders to rescue 14,000 POWs
rather than one.
26. Not allowed to go secretly AWOL and then have
my exploits filmed on Euronews Network.
27. Must not sleep with recruits under my command.
28. Must not sleep with sergeants under my command.
29. Must not sleep with officers under my command.
30. Not allowed to mortgage spaceships I do not
technically own.
31. Must not accuse superiors of embezzling funds.
32. Must not skip out on official ImpSec missions
to pursue family problems.
33. Must not lead combat drop raids on 30 minutes
34. Must not lead combat drop raids without full
35. Not allowed to hide medical problems from
commanding officers.
36. Not allowed to delete incriminating records
from operations reports.
37. May not have seizures in order to get out of
embarrassing conversations with my CO.

(Then the SkippyList ones that can just be transferred
across, other than those previously mentioned by Raye)

40. I do not have super-powers.

62. It is better to beg forgiveness than to ask
permission, no longer applies to Miles Vorkosigan.

89. Must not refer to my CO as 'Uncle Simon'.

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