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Phone Post: Hitting On

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“I just went shopping, and on -- I, I -- something interesting happened -- on the List lately there has been a thread about flirting, or more specifically hitting on. And ... I just got something that I think sort of qualifies. It was actually pretty subtle, and I never would have if noticed anything, only for, well, I get in line, and there's the checkout guy and I'm getting a ball of twine.

And ... he says, "I noticed you're always getting stuff like this and I wonder, do you, you know," and he makes the motions with his hands, "crochet."

And this would not be remarkable, except this is the first time that I have actually gotten twine at that store, I rarely, um, am in the line that he's checking out, and you don't tend to crochet with twine. [Motorcycle engine in background]

So (laughs) I'd say that was one of those lines that are used as -- that are definitely if not untrue, then exaggeration and are used for the sole purpose of getting a conversation started when there is no actual valid reason to ever start a conversation.

So, I think someone just hit on me! Night, yo!”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic

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