Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Faith: windows.

I'm pretty sure that I heard Jesus cited as the one who said to not put a basket over your light. And I had a discussion some years ago with wiredferret about switching religions -- she cautioned me to not board up my window because I was afraid the neighbors might complain about the light; I reassured her that there were no such plans about -- if I were to do any major religion switching, I'd check to see if that wall was load-bearing or not, and then if it wasn't, to put in a new window.

Thinking on the bus today: if souls are like windows, to let in the light, or let out the light, and the soul of an innocent is pure and clear and passes through the light unaltered -- that is not the only sort of window that there is. Most people are more broken than that, and color things some. So, if one is to be the best window that one can be, it behooves one to be broken and colored in interesting ways, meaningful ways: stained glass window. And it was accompanied by the mental picture of a Slytherin house logo stained-glass window.

Interesting moments, I have, especially when slightly low on blood. (Not sanguine enough?)

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