Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Romance, the moments of sheer "Huh?"

One of votania's co-workers or former co-workers came over for dinner some weeks ago.

Evidently, he thinks I am "a very beautiful woman" and wants to know if he has a chance with me.


votania is convinced that I have this magnetic attraction for men, and that they are flocking around me. While I tend to attract the attention of at least one new suitor every year or so, my standards of "flocking" are much higher. When swallowtayle was in third grade or so, one of her friends was the class beauty, a very lively and pretty redheaded girl. All the boys flirted with her, and some of them tried to give her candy/jewelry/etc. She was practically beating them away from her with a stick. FatherSir predicted that there would be difficulties when she was a teenager. That is "flocking". digitalambience in 2002 and yaksha42 in 2003, (and a certain girlfriend in 2004) is hardly "flocking".

But. Um. Interesting. Wow. Uncanny.

I didn't think that I'd actually made much of an impression on him, being as it was that I mostly was hidden in my room, and was thereafter very, very quiet.

As far as his chances go, I'm perfectly happy to get to know him a little better, but my initial impression of him was, while uneventful, also uneventful (I don't even have a mental image of him; my mind's substituting a different 30-ish short plump True Neutral geek-type), and my dance card is, if not full, at least well-occupied.

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