Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Virgin Fatherhood

Surprisingly, I think it's more likely than virgin motherhood...

Adam and I had a bit of a chat on the subject of virgin fatherhood, and how his little wigglies had better not be coming anywhere near the appropriate area of me, as I really had no desire to be a mother.

We talked about the technicalities involved in becoming a parent without ever having had sex, sex defined here as "penetration". All that's required is the sperm and egg meeting and implanting and growing... and for that, there need be none.

It would honestly be a serious question for me, if I became pregnant without being married and without original intent to marry the guy involved, if I was going to marry the guy involved or not. I doubt I'd be able to have my baby adopted by anyone else, and I'd really be upset by the idea of single parenthood, but...

...I think I'd want stronger bonds between myself and my husband than just the bond of shared parenthood. That's a powerful bond there, but that only applies to the care and raising of the child. Votania and I are damn near sharing parenthood now, without keeping a marriage in place.

...If I headed out now and got an apartment on my own (I don't think I would) I would at this point feel obligated to make child-support payments until Nephew
was of an age to not need constant supervision.

...I don't even know if I want to get married, now. Is my husband-hunt of sixteen years over?

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