Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Out of Time

I've been spending quite some time being a Support volunteer these days. One thing I notice -- when I'm there, it's like I've slipped Underhill or something. I remove myself from Time, and go into programmingtrance, and don't come out until I get to the top of the list, or someone distracts me.

I'm taking this seriously. I use LJ for so much, it's time I gave something back. I help out my friends page -- user education, minor support -- but this is more universal.

I trance out. I suppose I dissociate some. I go to that place where I only remember bits and snippets of my thoughts during then. Like reading used to be all the time. Like concert singing is.

It's funny. We spend all this time and effort getting ourselves aware, and present in the moment, rather than doing it all on autopilot, and then we take ourselves back into autopilot for a vacation.

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