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When my first fiancee and I were 15 and 14, we didn't really doubt that someday we'd get married. After all, when grown-ups wanted to get married, they did. And so would we. At that age, in 1995, we, or at least I, didn't see the little catch in our plans: we were both women. Our little empire of love rose and fell within a year's time, with me none the wiser.

I can't remember when I first learned that the rest of the country, without my leave, had assumed that my people couldn't marry as they chose. I was joyful and bitter by turns, especially when my own state signed on to the asshattery and declared that marital unions between the same sex could actually not come about.

In these past few days, far too many couples for me to count have gotten married in San Francisco. A lesbian couple who have been together nearly as long as my mother has been alive were married. ataniell93 and other people I know, from LJ and from the List, have been around the event, helping and cheering on and witnessing.

Reading about all this, I have the uncanny, unwise, and unworkable plan of hopping a plane and going there -- either just to help out and be there, or -- who knows.

This is civil rights. This is history. This is much more colorful than other states. California knows how to throw a media circus, by damn, and I want to be part of it.
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