Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

...and a big ol' helping of WTF? sauce

I just don't understand the whole "furry" thing. Which is to say, I get neither the kink/mental setup nor the strong counter-reaction to same. Nor do I understand the "Otherkin" thing, although I can wrap my mind a little more around the position "So you're different. Big whoop," though extreme versions of same leave me fairly boggled as well. I also don't understand some of the pondering and angsting over sexuality and bodily plumbing, nor the objections to the nonstandard arrangements of same.

I'm not sure whether I want people to explain these things to me or not. I seem to have had the great gift of having been born into an appropriate body, with the appropriate plumbing, in the correct species, without any memories of any other life or lifetime than this, with a fairly mainstream set of turn-ons and kinks. Would I trade off what I've got for something more interesting? No, probably not. I'm comfortable in my own skin, most of the time, and that goes fairly well for all of us in here, though Naomi (*sigh*) just said that she's supposed to be blond, and Marah is generally cranky. My natural hair color should still be a shimmering navy blue, though, and I need the metabolism of an angry teenager again.

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