Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Quite some time ago, a group of very silly anime/yaoi/slash girls were gathered at soundsoft_elvy's place for an evening of anime. I brought my crocheting, because that's what I do while I'm watching anime. I brought a cute little pair of nail scissors to cut the yarn, because that's what's needed when I'm crocheting.

Unfortunately, I was wearing a skirt without pockets. And I wanted my scissors on me. So I stuck them in my sock. Unfortunately, they fell out, and also unfortunately, reichiere found them with her leg.

I later lost those scissors, and had to get a new pair (this kind with saftey-rounded tips) to replace them.

Guess who just found the original, dangerously pointy scissors under her desk when cleaning up? Thaaaat's right... they're back.

And they're very, very pointy.

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