Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Explaining things to the Little Fayoumis: flags

Every now and then, the Little Fayoumis surprises me by asking me to tell him about something. He's figured out that I'm willing to explain the way the world works to him, and keep explaining until he gets it. And he likes that.

Yesterday we talked about porcupines and cacti. We worked on the plural of cactus, how it's cacti, not cactuses, and it took a few minutes before he got it, but he did, eventually, and now he corrects himself when he says "cactuses" by mistake. He's so cute.

Today, he asked me to come out into the living room and talk about the flags (he'd removed the decorative flags from his toy racetrack, and had them all lined up on the carpet). So I did. I told him that this one was the Union Jack, and that one belonged to Canada, and I was pretty sure that this one was for France, and that one was for Italy, and I wasn't sure about these ones, but that was definitely the flag for the whole United States...

I know so little, and he wants to know so much... Ahh, flags. The internet is good for so many things...

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