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Voice Post: A demonstration of the typical amount of giddy giggliness after spending time on the phone with Darkside.

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“Hello, this is the Lunatic. I have been soo giggly tonight. I don't expect that half the people will be able to understand the post, just be-- [giggles] -- just because I'm so gi-- [giggles] see what I mean? [giggles]

Why, yes, I seem to be operating on some weird form of hormone high at the mo- [giggles] moment. [giggles]

Three guesses for what caused this, and the first two probably don't count, unless you're a new reader, in which case the answer is Darkside. [giggles]

And the only thing that I did was have a telephone conversation with him, and it was mostly rated, like, pg-13 or below, although there were a few r-rated moments, such as the chicken joke. [giggles] Oooookay, Loony giggly now. [giggles]

Ooo, happy Loony.

Anyway, yeah. See, giggly Loony. It's not all doom and gloom, it's [giggles] occasional moments of doom and gloom that are followed by giggly and [sine wave sound effect] and so forth.

Anyway, laterrrrr. [giggles]”

Transcribed by: azurelunatic

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