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Vacation: Friday afternoon

teenagewitch turned out to be in the lab, and she was looking absolutely exhausted, tired, drained, and unhappy. She also had a goblet with her, a blue glass cup with a pewter dragon on it, a cup that her stalker had given to her when they were still friends.

She and Adam and I chatted for a while, and then I tried picking up the cup.

It was not a good feeling in my hand. "Let's take this to the bathroom and wash it right now," I said.

It wound up that we ended up walking to my apartment, with the cup wrapped up in newspaper. It was not a good feeling on my hand, a too-hot and tingly sensation, like maggots, squirmy, wrong, rotten.

Votania took one look at Sabrina, one look at the cup, and whisked Sabrina into the bathroom for a nice cleansing bath, and subjected the cup to some holy water and some private actions while I mixed Sabrina some of my kickass chicken and rice soup, perfect for the person who's been dealing with nasties and can't keep anything down because of it.

Sabrina hung out at our apartment for a few hours until Adam was about out of class; I went and got my paycheck in the bank. Votania and I did some more cleaning and cooking.

One of Votania's old friends brought his PS2 by, and Nephew got to play with some of the games, especially the disk with the Monsters, Inc. demo on it, which also had Sesame Street Sports as a demo, and a Hot Wheels Racing demo.

As we hadn't had the opportunity to review the Yule observation as a group, we did this before beginning. It was typed out on my laptop, so after appropriate editing to fit the requirements of those present, we placed the laptop in a place of honor on the altar.

Shamash, our cat, elected to participate also. He's such a huggable bit of animated fur, and so beautiful and creative.

Darkside had given Nephew Shrek, so we watched that after the observance of Yule. I got a call from Adam, right in the middle of the movie, and he was rather upset. It seemed that he had seen Sabrina home on Thursday, since she was so generally weakened from dealing with this asshole of a stalker, and he'd stayed there perhaps longer than he ought to have. His parents, especially his dad, had not reacted well to his having violated the terms of his restriction (21 years old, and grounded for grades!) and decided to set up rent, and fines for the next violations. Adam was most unhappy.

I leaned on Neighbor watching the movie. Neighbor is a wonderful big pillow with fluffy hair.

We all finally crashed around 2 in the morning.

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