Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Ahh, cats.

votania observed that eris_raven is really becoming tame and well-trained. Raver-girl had the good grace to demonstrate that when I tapped my hand just so, she would jump up to be petted. She even sat still while votania petted her.

She still, however, attempts to vacuum up everything her little nose sniffs out on the floor. This morning, she was purrsniffling a piece of gravel. "No, Eris, you do not need gravel for your crop!"

I am fairly convinced that her habit of purrsniffling up anything loose on the floor that looks like it might be vaguely edible (stray chips, hairballs, gravel, et cetera) is what is behind her occasional (and infrequent) vomiting. shammash noses at things of interest, but he doesn't purrsniffle them up. He is not Mr. Vacuum Cleaner. The last time Moshie threw up was because he'd eaten some pink ribbon. (Halloween 2002, just as the party was dying down.)

I don't know what you do for cats with eating disorders, especially when the eating disorder was conditioned in them young (for survival as a stray). *sigh* Cats.

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