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Saturday started off slower than Friday. Nephew woke up early.

Votania and her old friend spent most of the day cooking. Only one of Votania's other guests, an old gentleman Votania had met at work, showed up, and even he didn't stay for long. Neighbor came back; he had had to go home to sleep, because he was leaving for New Mexico to see his parents at 20:00 or so on Saturday. He came back with his travel bag, to spend time at the party before leaving, and also to have use of the phone for the Super Shuttle -- his phone's not working, thank you very much Qworst. (They claim nothing's wrong. If nothing's wrong, then how come I get a "number not connected" message when calling?)

teenagewitch showed up, and she and I both received backrubs from Neighbor.

Neighbor left, and Adam showed up with backpack and gym bag and laptop: he's staying with us on a temporary basis, to see how it works. If it doesn't work, we'll be helping him find his own place or somewhere else; if it does work, cool.

Sabrina and Adam and I wound up giggling and cuddling together in my room. Things were going wonderfully until we realized that Adam needed something to eat.

Before everybody was quite through eating, however, Mr. Stalker decided to play a few more little tricks.

Earlier he'd told Sabrina to "tell the witches who were helping [you] out to leave [him] alone". This time ... well, Sabrina started freaking out, and the rest of the evening became about calming Sabrina down and then dealing with the external cause of her freaking.
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