Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

And my mind went where, again?

I woke up at several points this morning, none of them the desired ones. Phone calls and assorted panics, and random cats, and so forth, and then votania home from the dentist.

I realized, belatedly, that I never did put out the bucket of sorted-to-go toys that we were going to donate before eight, when $CHARITY's pickup vehicle came by. Oy.

I wandered, buswise, to the plasma place, carrying Memory and The Red Tent bookwise. The process went swiftly, and I was out in only a few minutes over an hour, which is impressive. Then, of course, we made up for it by having a metric assload of people at the bus stop; I had to wait for the next bus.

Home, to find that we had to go out to the bank, and shopping. My right knee is bothering me. I got in some walking, with the shopping and all, but didn't time it quite as well as I should have. With this knee feeling like this, no way am I hitting the bike in the workout room. After the bank, but before shopping, we went and visited Clover. A fun time was had by all, though I do find her husband a trifle long-winded. I guess I put up with silliness being read verbatim from online stuff better when it's a guy I'm personally smitted with (and when I'm on the other end of a phone line and can quietly do other stuff).

Sloppy Joes and dishes. More book. metaphorge posted an oddly compelling photo. (Very gay and not work-safe.) shammash is wreaking havoc in the vertical blinds on the glass doors (the cat that Little Fayoumis calls "Snowbelle" has been lurking outside, the one that belongs to one of the caregivers). Marinated mushrooms.

There was a really cute cat out there. Not Snowbelle, but a little black scrap of a kitten, body no bigger than my two fists, and tail the size of the body -- half as wide and twice as long. It's another witch's cat -- there's a larger duplicate of it as well.

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