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Azure Jane Lunatic

It's one of those interesting calm days.

No one's really doing anything today, and stuff's getting done anyway. votania's friend from her old job, who hooked her up with this new job, is over. He's looking into getting an apartment in this complex. If so, we get a sweet deal on our rent next month. (He's the one who thinks I'm hot stuff.)

Little Fayoumis likes the guy, and is in hyperball mode.

I'm doing that sort of cleaningish thing. Rent's paid for March. I finally tossed out my old TI-82 manual. *sigh* The cardboard box of random manuals has been put into another, less broken, cardboard box. The cardboard box of random electronics has been merged with one of the plastic buckets of random electronics. Assorted other closet boxes have been shuffled.

I got another Business Reply Mail envelope. This one's card says "fhqwhgads", with the usual glitter, and this time a Star of David wax seal, return address "Strongbad".

My cat is Not Amused by all the goings on. Our doorknob has been sticking more and more over the last several months, and yesterday it was nigh-impossible to open. It was excessively old, and today the red-headed maintainence witch replaced it. (Incidentally, the Asshat Manager has evidently mellowed out.)

votania and the very smoky charcoal and resin incense smudged out the Temple, which caused much coughing and complaining on the part of the Little Fayoumis. Also for much LF complaining: the onions in the lunch votania made, though of course at first the complaint was "I'm full," not "There are onions in this and I cannot stand raw onions!" Both of them are capable of being legitimate complaints. One of them is more true than the other.

I have the Household Happiness & Harmony candle going. I've desgnated Hazelnut Cream for that purpose, just because it's nice. I also have some Lotus Bouquet incense going, the stuff that's infernally difficult to keep lit properly. Later, I may turn on the Partnership candles. I cleaned the leaked wax from the Household Harmony candle up off my altar today, which is why I'm able to have stuff going on there. I've also got one of the pale blue-purple "I'm thinking about you, you know" spiral taper candles on (no points for guessing who I'm thinking about) and one of the little sweet-scented votive candles on the monitor, and two Muse candles near the lamp. The lotus incense is actually a belated honoring of Valentine's Day, which has become a relatively significant personal observance of love, based on personal tradition.

Yep, it's some form of Spring Cleaning. I found two crochet hooks. I think I'll maybe even find the couch next. Oh! And if/when votania's friend gets that apartment, I'll probably cede him the couch from my room, as it is a large chunk of space that gets taken up and mostly used as a table.

Everybody else is over in the West bedroom, watching silly Flash animations.

metaphorge linked to the first flash mob supercomputer project. I am thoroughly in favor of the concept.

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