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Blood Cordial

Back before Christmas, I started some Blood Cordial, so called because it's deep red and thick and a little scary for the uninitiated. Tonight, it is finished (or so we think). I decided to decant it from the large iced tea jug that it's been brewing in for the last several months into a final bottle.

Since there were still fruit bits in it, I had to strain it. Since I was already slightly intoxicated, this became a slight issue. HOwever, I managed, quite well, and the end product is remarkably free of little floaty things. There wasn't quite enough to fill the entire three-liter bottle, and it was more runny than I'd wanted, so I I added almost three cups of sugar, to help thicken, sweeten, and make more evil.

It's also remarkably thick. In the bottle, it looks almost black, maybe a bit red-purple around the edges if tilted. I wanted to know if it would glow red if held up to the light. No soap. It is always dim in my room, so I got the big bonky flashlight and shone that through. Amazingly, it only lit part of the bottle, instead of making the entire thing light up.

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