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Sleep? What's that?

It is a mistake to say, "I got six hours of sleep on my own last night." Left to my own devices, I probably would have slept another two or three hours, but alas, such was not to be. Household noise woke me up, and thus I am awake. To combat this, I tried settling down with a book, but I couldn't focus on that very long either...

I also need to do laundry. Happily, the quarters I found while cleaning out my tin of change-for-chocolate were enough for everyone's laundry. It's on wash cycle now. I'm in inferiority cycle now. I need to just stop trying to talk about political and social things with her. It'll only make both of us unhappy. Learn your lesson, bint, why don't you? Notice that she's never the one who starts these conversations. Because then you get caught in the "My life is communication and I can't communicate" cycle, when in fact you can communicate fairly well with a wide range of people, just not including her.

I think it's probably time to go back to bed.

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