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Well, that was one definite Parenting Talk.

Little Fayoumis's homework today was because he hadn't been doing it in class; he'd been spacing out instead. He asked if he could have some PS2 time. I said no, because of the homework issue.

There were tears. He was going to go take it up with Marxdarx, but Marx was asleep. He and I sat down and hashed out what, exactly, was not fair about it. He had mistakenly thought that his restriction was related to the fast math, which it wasn't -- it was based on the packet of papers with the orange slip that said "Too much homework :( Wasn't working."

After he understood that, he was resigned to his fate. He'd thought something like that he'd been in trouble for not passing his fast math level and that he'd be restricted from the PS2 until he passed it. Or something.

Kid logic does all kinds of things.

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