Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Plans have a habit of doing that.

The plans for today changed at one of those last-minute things. Originally, easalle and JD were going to be over here this afternoon to be with the Little Fayoumis. However, marxdarx is staying home today, and since he's probably got a migraine or needs sleep or something that requires quiet, then I figured the simplest solution was going to be leaving the Little Fayoumis home with him, without the presence of easalle and especially JD.

JD is four. JD is LOUD, to the point where the Little Fayoumis (who is himself generally rowdy) will tell him to chill and turn the volume down. (Nothin' wrong with it, just notable.) LOUD mixes well with PS2 gaming, but does not mix well with marxdarx napping.

So, it is to be hoped that marxdarx will be up and running tomorrow. Plans for tomorrow have not changed, as far as I know.

I should be off to pick up the LF, then...

After that, I'll be off to my first day back on the job, training.

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