Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Things that get old really *** quickly when you're working phone research:

"Oh, you're working for telemarketing?"

No. It's not fucking telemarketing, because I don't fucking sell you anything. There's a distinct legal difference, which makes it so the company can call you even if you're on the telemarketers' do not call list.

"If you call me, I'll be so pissed at you."

If I call you, the odds are mightily against it, I don't pick the numbers, the computer does, and if I even notice it, I can't interview you, because company policy prohibits us from interviewing family, friends, or even anyone we know.

"I never answer the phone when it comes up all zeroes. I hate it when they call."

If you never answer and firmly and immovably request to be taken off the list and/or put on the company's internal do not call list, whichever, you're going to get called by computer repeatedly until the study's over, just in case you might be home.

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