Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

The hardest thing...

Apropos of nothing on LJ...

The hardest thing for me is not when someone is complaining frequently about others telling them that they suck. There, you can find out sides of a story, resolve a problem, give constructive, creative feedback on why there is a lack of sucking and ways to make the self more flameproof...

But when someone goes off on the "I totally suck and I am a worthless piece of shit" tangent, I get all flamy and fumy to myself, because on the one hand I think they don't, on the other hand I think they should get over their inferiority complex and finally admit to themselves that they don't suck and face up to that, on the third hand I want them to admit that they don't suck so that they won't start sucking, and on the fourth hand I know that I hate it so much because I feel the same way sometimes and just have the decency to not show it in public.

Which sucks.

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