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Work's a bitch and so am I (complete with cartoons)

Went to work on time, cheerfully. I was still on the same survey as the past two days. It was slow enough that I got a little time to write. I also started sketching.

In the past, when I worked at this place, I noticed that there was a major problem with the bathrooms: namely, that no one ever paid attention to the "Please open this door SLOOOOOWLY" sign, and as a result, people got bopped in the nose by the inward-opening door as they were exiting the bathroom and someone else was entering. So I decided to draw up a cartoon with Bathroom Man (the little filled-in stick figure iconogram-things used to represent the bathrooms for most US public bathrooms) getting bashed in the face by the quickly opening door.

One thing led to another, and soon I was sketching a series of these cute little cartoons -- cautions about workplace hazards and so forth -- because there's rarely a dearth of humor in any given workplace. But egos and artist liability when humorously portraying real people being how it is, I elected to not create any actual characters for my ongoing one-frame comics, and just use Bathroom Man, with different accessories to indicate different characters. Therefore, the one in the headset is Generic MRR (survey goon) and the one with the badge-on-the-lanyard is Generic Supervisor.

Eventually I'll take the backlog of comics that I still have from when I was previously working there, and scan them, and put them up in an album, but for now I have one crappy webcam shot of my latest effort: Language.

After I showed Cool Funky Supervisor With The Sense of Humor the Language cartoon, he proposed an idea for another one. Obligingly, I drew it, and showed him, and he whisked it away while I was on the phone. Evidently he was sufficiently amused that he submitted it for the company newsletter.

We got let out early after a break. Go, us, for sufficiently underpaid definitions of "go".

I should probably make myself a Survey Goon usericon now.

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