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Walking (to work yesterday)

Got in just under 30 minutes yesterday. This would not be a cause for celebration except that all that walking was to and from work, with a little bit of in-work pacing added in to make up for what I knew was going to be a low score. I walked to work and back in less than half an hour, which is a Very Good Thing. I want to see my time on getting to work keep going down...

It used to be that I couldn't get there in 15 minutes unless I jogged part of the way and arrived sweaty and exhausted. Now, I can get there in 13 minutes at my usual brisk walking pace, and while I'm still sweaty, it's mostly my glasses fogging up because now I'm in The Cold Place and my body is radiating heat and moisture, especially the place right under my eyes that leaks a lot of moisture. (Sweating in Arizona is a sign that your body's actually well-hydrated enough. It's when you don't sweat that you should worry.)

Yay for handkerchiefs.

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