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Household: chores and finances and so forth.

Today I found that if I time it just right, a trip to the bank can happen in under half an hour. I accidentally got to the bus just at the right moment, and spent the right amount of time in the bank and walking to and from the bus stop so that I was able to jog up just as the bus was arriving at the bus stop fifteen minutes later. I'm woefully broke, but at least my bank balance is no longer negative.

I got home, and the rare peace and quiet without the Little Fayoumis were too much for me -- I had to clean. The Little Fayoumis is seven now, and self-entertaining, so I can relax while he's around, but if I want to clean without him getting in the way, I have to do it when he's otherwise occupied or not present. Since his "help" mostly consists of getting in the way, that isn't very good for getting things done.

So there was this stack of boxes and so forth in the corner by the couch. I glared at it, sorted it, and found out that two of the boxes could go in the storage shed, one of the boxes (and the pail of toys in the hall) could go out on the porch shelves (stuff to be donated), the bird feeder could sit up on a shelf, one of the boxes and the basket of toys had to stay, and one of the boxes was now empty. Thus I was able to move the small filing cabinet over to where the pile of boxes had been, making no more room by the couch, but more room in the sewing and dead computer corner.

And there was vacuuming. O, was there vacuuming. Behold! Avast! Et cetera.

Later, there will be dish-washing, potentially scrubbing, and even possibly laundry.

The neighbors in 210 are yelly at each other. I hope this is a one-time deal, and not their permanent state of affairs.

votania was playing on the keyboard last night. I recognized some Man O' War. Yay! There were also some unidentifiable-to-me Brandenburg Concerto violin parts going on, though the structure was very familiar. In the moving things around today, I poked at the keyboard a little bit. Ahh, music. Happy music. Yay, music. I need to play more music. I'm just so used to no one around here seeming to like what I put on when I put it on that it's an afterthought, and I'm so used to someone else's music ruling the roost that I rarely assert myself musically.

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