Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Helloooooo puberty!

The Little Fayoumis gets to start dealing with the joy that is maturing skin now. Arizona surely helps with that.

Also, it's beginning to be summer, and the trouble with long hair in the Arizona summer is that it gets all sticky and nasty every time you sweat. Little Fayoumis said that he wanted to be "bald". After probing, I ascertained that he just wanted his hair very short. So, since it was that kind of thing, so we did.

Haircutting was a long and somewhat painful process for us both: I had to kneel on my new bad knee (right, thanks to a bit of over-enthusiasm with the walking and exercise bike) for part of it, and the clippers did pull his hair some, and he's got a sensitive scalp.

He's in the shower now. I'm suspecting that given that this is going to be Arizona summer, that he'll be on an increased bath schedule.
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