Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

We loves the typos! We loves them forever! (Or, why I lost that game of Mozaki Blocks)

I was peacefully playing Mozaki Blocks prior to picking up the Little Fayoumis this afternoon when there came a clattering knock at the door. Hoping for a friend, I scurried to answer it, mindful that I hadn't paused my game and was therefore going to lose badly.

It wasn't a friend of any description. It was a fellow from Qwest [the leading phone company hereabouts], there to install the new phone line.

The what?

After a good fifteen minutes of straightening things out, much of it him on his company cellphone (on hold), it was determined that it was in fact not our apartment, but the one upstairs, and it had somehow gotten a typo on his job sheet.

I was much amused (secretly) to be referred to as "the lady". I guess I'm still used to being a girl.

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