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E-mail to Mama: Moving, continued (edited for public)

From Joanie, to Mama

The moving is pretty much finished except for the bunk bed that BJ and I bought together. He is giving it to me, as he won't be able to take it with him and won't have much use for it anyway. I was going to get it around noon today, but since the Elder Bachelor was still asleep on it --- the nerve, grouching at me for taking afternoon naps, and then being asleep on MY BED when I was in a time crunch and I'd told him that I'd be picking up the bed today --- it will wait until this evening. I am signed on to the lease, now, and that's all right and proper. There is a store with a bakery within walking distance of this new place, and they are always looking for bakery people.

I have a cold, so I'm feeling pretty lousy. It's the kind of cold that develops a cough and sticks around for a while, but now that my major sources of stress are gone and I am out of the smokers' house, I should start recovering rapidly. votania has been keeping me taking vitamins and been giving me tea at breakfast. She's decided that since I am the sister she never had, she should be mommying me as well as the Little Fayoumis. For my part, I've decided that Darkside is the little brother that *I* never had, so I've been big-sistering him. I've become "Aunt Joan" in the Little Fayoumis's dictionary.

swallowtayle and I write back and forth every so often. It sounds like some of her friends in the dorms are nice and some of them don't have the sense they were born with, but it also sounds like she can tell the difference between the two, which is good. She's been hanging around with the smarter ones and trying not to get involved with the various problems that the dumber ones have.

I should get offline now, because my friend from school, the one with the SUV, will be calling at some point to arrange to help me with the bed. I'll get a nap before then, and be all fresh and cheerful-minded for the business class final in the morning. I like that class; Mr. Potter is still cool, even though he has been measured at 92 decibels. (Share that part with FatherSir.) The engineering students were clustered around a little black box during one of his lectures, looking at it, and giggling. Mr. Potter decided to see what all the fuss was about. He has had theatre training, so he enunciates properly (and hoses down the first few rows) and is clearly audible in the next classroom over. votania and I both recommended hearing protection in our review of him. And we sit in the back.



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