Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Gas boycott?

There's an e-mail going around about organizing a boycott of Exxon and Mobil for the rest of the year, based on the current gasoline prices versus the actual cost of producing gasoline and the assumed abundance of same, with the rationale for choosing those companies that they're the biggest.

I'm not reproducing the actual text of the e-mail here, because it's lengthy and I'm not sure that I entirely agree with it. I dislike the amount of control the oil companies have over the US. However, I'm not sure that organizing a boycott of gas companies based on market share is an answer that will do the society long-term good. Perhaps organizing a boycott of gas companies based on their willingess (or rather, lack thereof) to look to alternate fuels and their support of research in energy conservation and efficiency?

On a personal level, there are things that consumers can do to reduce their overall use of gasoline. Planning routine tasks for efficiency -- not taking separate trips to accomplish each trip, using alternate modes of transportation when possible (walk, bus, carpool), doing things in off-peak hours to avoid the nastiness of rush hour -- probably more.

I am very much encouraged by the article I saw some months ago about a method of breaking down garbage into its component parts, and extracting all number of useful substances from same. A good portion of the substances produced were oils, gasoline, and fertilizer. If we can't make the transition from a gasoline economy so quickly, perhaps we can at least move away from a fossil gasoline economy.

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